Dwelling in possibility

At its core, architecture is creative, inspiring and optimistic. It’s about what’s possible.

A full-service architecture and interior design firm that specializes in residential design, KHA Architects is widely recognized for its ability to create visually arresting, inviting and supremely comfortable residences. Again and again, clients say the firm honors and incorporates their most deeply-held idea of home — in a way they never could have imagined — into their design.

One thing is clear. Success and vast experience have not diminished Kristi Hanson and her team’s intrepid love for the profession. An all-consuming desire to design residences that are about the best of who their clients are keeps the quintessentially creative KHA team lit up and innovating like nobody’s business.

Giving Form to a Heightened Way of Living

Designing someone’s home — whether a primary residence or a vacation getaway — is an intimate endeavor. It is one thing to synthesize and transform a client’s aspirations into a beautiful, functional home. To accomplish this for more than two decades, with a reputation for fresh, original structures that overcome and complement site-specific challenges, is another.

The results speak definitively. Whether to relax, to retreat, to entertain or simply live, the award-winning homes the firm designs both defy categories and endure. Residences whose environments bring people together and invite them to stay. Ultimately, the design embodies and imparts the desires of the people who will live there in a beautiful, evocative and deeply personal way. For us, that’s as good as it gets.

Our design work is a blend of intuition and innovation, of artistry and engineering, creating highly individual residences that enhance people’s lives. We think that’s what it’s all about.