Personalizing Design in Pursuit of Perfection

Drawing on inspiration.

The KHA Architects philosophy and approach to design is about client participation and collaboration. Like the homes the firm designs, everyone feels welcomed. Kristi Hanson remains passionate about using the art form of handmade drawings and sketches rather than hard-lined compositions in the early stages of the process. Ideas and insights develop through the course of conversation, and modifications are made on the spot. This enables clients to participate first-hand and help make iterations to the design.

Clients repeatedly express how much they feel “heard” and enjoy the process; this is integral to the firm’s belief in staying true to the individuality and way of life of the people for whom it designs. And while technology continues to evolve, including the Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD) the firm employs, this interactive approach fosters confidence and works wonders.

A culture of creativity. A practice of innovation.

KHA Architects is infused with a tremendous culture of positive creativity. Asking “What if …” is part of daily life. Where ideas are nurtured, exploration is encouraged, and pushing the envelope to solve challenges creatively is the essence of the practice. This belief in experimentation gives rise to ideas that might not otherwise have been considered. And therein lies the magic. In the capable hands of Kristi Hanson and her team, designing homes that are both original and a reflection of their owners is both challenge and exciting adventure. 

Embracing the geography.

While the firm is forward thinking, it is never at the expense of the environment. From the valley floor to the surrounding mountainous terrain, KHA Architects creates structures in harmony with the singular topography of the California desert, as well as in other markets. The goal is to harmonize with and preserve the area’s character and true nature. It makes for beautiful, sound architecture and structures that, wherever they are located, respect and complement the surrounding geography.

Our design work is a blend of intuition and innovation, of artistry and engineering, creating highly individual residences that enhance people’s lives. We think that’s what it’s all about.